Meet our Team

Meet the people creating your space.

  • Nigel Addison

    Director of Opportunities

    I have lived on three continents, and no, Scottish is not my first language.

  • Andrea Anderson

    Director of Design

    I love being in the kitchen trying new recipes even though I am allergic to everything under the sun!

  • Emily Baker

    Project Coordinator

    I am a twin and left handed.

  • Randy Balconi

    Chief Executive Officer - Owner

    Everyone in my immediate family is a school teacher. My daughter Payton is breaking the mold by attending Kentucky Nursing School.

  • Karen Barren

    Sr Project Designer

    I don’t remember meeting my husband; we grew up together.

  • Chelsea Belfrage

    Project Coordinator

    I take adult Ballet, Tap & Jazz... We even have recitals.

  • Michelle Bellia

    Project Designer

    I won a Life-Saving award for saving a man's life by giving the Heimlich maneuver at a restaurant.

  • Stefani Benko

    Marketing & Design Specialist

    I'm the first person in my family to graduate from college.

  • Leigh Berkhoel

    Design Manager

    I was featured on HGTV's Designer Finals.

  • Jeanette Blake

    Design Strategist

    I played collegiate volleyball and still continue to play beach and indoor volleyball today.

  • Colin Brunk

    Business Development Consultant

    Avid outdoorsman who enjoys helping others in the community.

  • Elizabeth Burnett

    Account Manager

    I have never broken a bone.

  • Katharine Byrom

    Account Manager

    My blood runs Maize and Blue.

  • Lee Anne Carlisle

    Project Coordinator

  • Alyssa Chapman

    Sr Project Designer

  • Lauren Clem

    Designer - Architectural Products Specialist

    I was tutored in Romanian in honor of my late grandfather. My ultimate goal is to spend some time visiting where he was from and become fluent in the language.

  • Steve Cojei

    President & Owner

    I met my wife in drivers training. We have been together ever since.

  • Marc Cygan

    Director of Automotive Industries

    I was recruited to play football for Western Michigan University by Jack Harbaugh, Jim Harbaughs' Father.

  • Jason Dawson

    Chief Operations Officer

    Prior to joining IE, I started my career hanging drywall for a $200M+ Engineering and Staffing Company I eventually became the President of.

  • John DiMarco


    J 6 suited is my favorite poker hand, also the reason I have not become a pro poker player.

  • Rachel Dobbin


    I get the hiccups everytime I drink pop.

  • Jonathon Dugan

    Business Development Consultant

    Always deliver more than expected.

  • Colleen Ernst

    Sr Project Designer

    I dabble in encaustic painting, a technique used by the ancient Egyptians.

  • Sara Faircloth

    Business Development Manager

  • Vince Ferrara

    Field Project Manager

    I have a twin sister.

  • Kyle Ferry

    Director of Strategy

    I was lapped by the winner of the Chicago Marathon and an Olympic medalist in a 5k

  • Hans Fisher

    Architectural Products Specialist

    Some men see things the way they are, and ask "why?".  I dream of things that never were, and ask "why not?".  - George Bernard Shaw

  • Natalie Flora

    Chief Creative Officer

    I love tent camping... I have every piece of gear you could ever imagine!

  • Rick George

    Business Development Consultant

    Floatin is all I want to do, living that lake life.

  • Ellen Goldfarb

    Business Development Consultant

    I used to work on the 102nd floor of the World Trade Center.

  • Olivia Grant

    Designer - Architectural Products Specialist

    Everyone in my family can sing or play an instrument. My grandpa was even in a music contest and came in second place, losing to Dean Martin. Then there's me, not a single musical bone in my body.

  • Amy Gregory

    Project Designer

    I am the only, only child in my family.

  • Becky Gusoff

    Project Designer

    I throw a BBQ Rib Cook-Off every year, complete with trophies that close to 200 people attend.

  • Jay Hicks

    Field Project Manager

  • Dawnyele Horton

    Director of Operations

    “Diamonds are nothing more that chunks of coal that stuck to their job” – Malcom Forbes

  • Kasee Horton

    Project Coordinator

    I played soccer all the way through college and now coach a U12 Girls team here in Colorado when I’m not busy working at IE!

  • Lee Hughes

    Account Manager

  • Karen Huth

    Sr Project Coordinator

    I'm terrified of heights, yet love roller coasters and faced my fear by skydiving.

  • Erica Kimber

    Design Manager

  • Dave Kiwior

    Principal - Director of Strategy

  • Lindsey Klebba

    Designer - Architectural Products Specialist

    I was a failed foster, but now proud dog mom of a Pitbull Terrier named Sassy.

  • Kris Kuklewski

    Sr Field Project Manager

    My love of coffee is so great that it has steered vacation destination decisions. Costa Rica is my favorite so far!

  • Maghan Kunze

    Project Designer

  • Joe LaPointe

    Business Development Consultant

    I have attended every Indianapolis 500 since 1992

  • Stephanie Lariviere

    Project Designer

    I break out in hives when I eat strawberries. But I love strawberries YOLO.

  • Debbie Lavin

    Project Coordinator

    I think I'm funny.

  • Sandy Longnecker

    Distribution Administrator

    I belong to Title Boxing and I box 3x a week while wearing my purple boxing gloves.

  • Alicia Mahone

    Project Coordinator

    I come from a big family. My mother is 1 of 15 and my father is 1 of 9. I'm not sure how many cousins I have.

  • Katie Matick

    Account Manager

    I was engaged to the same man twice.

  • Nita Maxwell

    Account Manager

    One of my favorite things to do is plan a party!

  • Emily McLaren

    Design Manager

    An ostrich bit off my shoe at the zoo when I was a toddler; to this day I still blame the zoo for my fear of birds.

  • Emily McMullin

    Showroom Manager

    “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

  • Mohamad Ali Mhaildli

    Sr Project Designer

    In love with spicy food and will challenge you for a spicy food contest!

  • Amy Murray

    Business Development Consultant

    I'm ambidextrous.

  • Carla Natalie

    Sr Project Designer

    I once wore my dress completely inside out all day and never noticed, luckily no one else did either.

  • Melanie Neumann

    Field Project Manager

    I would love to surf but I'm terrified of the ocean!

  • Bernie Olson

    Director - IE Distribution Services

    There are 2 sets of twins in my family and I'm one of the twins.

  • Kevin Olson

    Field Project Manager

    Before my children got deep into soccer and dance, I owned horses and team roped.

  • Timothy Ott

    Sales Consultant

    I'm the former captain of the University of Michigan Tennis Team.

  • Johanna Pelon

    Principal - Director of Strategy

    My nickname used to be "Little Miss Airborne" I was a cheerleader flyer in high school.

  • Betsy Pethoud

    Field Project Manager

    You couldn't pay me to drink pop..or soda..whatever people are calling it nowadays.

  • Lisa Philko

    Business Development Consultant

    I was born on October 8th @ 8:08 and weighed 8 lbs, 8 oz.

  • Dave Picard

    Field Project Manager

    I am an Army Vet and I have 8 grandchildren!

  • Bill Powell

    Architectural Products Specialist

    I'm a collector of useless talents like juggling, solving rubiks cubes and memorizing the alphabet backwards.

  • Salina Reynolds

    Design Manager

    My father saved me at birth - in the aspect of, he picked my name. My mom wanted to name me Blondina.

  • Reggie Roland

    Principal - Director of Partnerships

    I love 70's music.

  • Sarah Roth

    Design Strategist

    I believe that any quote from "Friends" relates to any and all real-life instances.

  • Thomas Rowe

    Sales Consultant

    I enjoy giving back and serving.

  • Renee Sauve

    Sr Project Coordinator

    I like to rappel into caves, zip line and go hot air ballooning.

  • Heather Scheller

    Business Process Specialist

    I can do Michael Jacksons "Thriller" dance perfectly.

  • Rhonda Schimetz

    Accounts Receivable

    I love to explore the outdoors.

  • Andrew Schneider

    Architectural Products Field Technician

  • Hollie Sedlak

    Assistant Controller

    My first major in college was spanish.

  • Caitlyn Shea

    Showroom Manager

    I'm an improviser at Planet Ant theater.

  • Holly Shepp

    Sr Project Designer

    I'm obsessed with Christmas, it's my favorite time of year!

  • Wendi Short

    Project Designer

    I'm left handed, but play sports with my right hand!

  • Rachel Sieloff

    Sr Project Designer

    I was born on my dad's birthday.

  • Kat Smith

    Project Coordinator

    I taught myself how to tie my shoes, snap my fingers, shuffle a deck of cards and moon walk.

  • Erica Smith

    Sr Project Designer

    I have been going to a Finnish sauna in the middle of the winter since I was a child.

  • Michele Spencer

    Sr Project Designer

    If I knew I wouldn’t break a bone, I’d be in a Roller Derby Dome!

  • Tom Troshynski

    Field Service Technician

    My oldest son was born on 1/1/11 and my youngest was born 3/31/13.

  • Matt Tucker

    Field Project Manager

    My wife and I had dinner with Fluffy (Gabriel Iglesias) in Charleston, SC.

  • Katie VanderVeen

    Account Manager

    Even though I was born and raised in Chicago, I have lived in 5 different states since getting engaged to my husband.  My children were born in different states as well, Texas and Mississippi.

  • Kashiea Walsh

    Design Strategist

    I come from a large family of 7 kids but I'm the only one with an interesting name!

  • Beth Weaver

    Sr Project Designer - Architectural Products Specialist

    I race rally cars.

  • Tony Wery

    Field Project Management Supervisor

    I once played in a heavy metal band that performed over 100 shows in 3 years.

  • Eric Wiebers

    Managing Partner

    In college I broke 5 records as QB, 4 of which previously belonged to my dad.

  • Ryan Williams

    Principal - Director of Strategy

    I was an integral part of the MSU Women's Basketball team as a Practice Player. Yes I played basketball with women everyday in college.

  • Katie Windisch

    Sr Project Designer

    I am the first Spartan in a long line of Wolverines.

  • Dawn Wittenberg

    Design Manager

  • Julie Yakes

    Sr Project Designer

  • Katie Young

    Field Project Manager

    I have two dimples on one cheek.

  • Hilary Youtsey

    Sr Project Designer