Von Staden Architects
  • Industry

    Durable Workwear

  • Location

    Dearborn, MI

  • Square Footage


Authentic Brand and Workspace

The goal for Carhartt's Design Studio was to make it a space where creative people could really succeed. Architecture design by Von Staden Architects, custom hand painted murals by various respected Detroit artists, and unique one of a kind ancillary pieces transformed the building into a unique experience. The Interior Environments team carried over the corporate established kit-of-parts workstations and modular wall solutions that are used in all of Carhartt's facilities along with refreshed collaboration settings. Multi-use vertical spaces provide function for garment development, archiving and design while all surface materials serve as a blank canvas for the materials team. The open and inviting layout created vignettes that foster communication between leadership and their teams, making them feel like they're right at home.

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